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Various functions are handled by various groups of officers. 


The Royal Court of Guernsey, States of Deliberation – Elections, accessed 13 October 2020

“Elections of People's Deputies are held pursuant to the Reform (Guernsey) Law, 1948, as amended.

The various functions are assigned as follows:

The Presiding Officer -

determines the period during which nominations shall be accepted;

receives completed nomination forms;

declares candidates elected when the number of candidates does not exceed the number of seats vacant;

receives requests for recounts;

appoints scrutineers;

decides upon venue for recount;

publishes result of recount.

The Registrar-General of Electors -

compiles  and maintains the Electoral Roll;

publishes the Electoral Roll for checking;

keeps copies of the Electoral Roll at Sir Charles Frossard House and the Greffe for public inspection;

makes copies of the Electoral Roll available to Returning Officers and election candidates;

maintains a Register of Absent Voters (i.e. postal voters);

provides Absent Voters with ballot slips;

receives completed ballot slips from Absent Voters;

delivers Absent voters' ballot slips to polling stations;

provides the Returning Officers with appropriate equipment and documentation.

Returning Officers -

appointed and sworn by the Royal Court, one for each Electoral District;

oversee the conduct of the poll in their Electoral District;

receive Absent Voters' ballot slips from the registrar-General;

oversee the counting of the votes;

advise the Presiding Officer of the result of the election;

declare publically the result of the election;

return ballot boxes and other equipment to the Registrar-General;

receive and check candidates' returns of expenditure.

Parish Constables -

provide polling stations in their parish;

arrange for the conduct of the ballot in their parish;

ensure that ballot boxes are empty before polling opens;

seal the ballot boxes and hand them to the Returning Officer at the close of the poll.

H M Greffier -

receives the ballot papers from the Returning Officers after counting has been completed;

keeps the papers in safe custody until the successful candidates have taken the oath of office;

destroys the ballot papers when directed so to do by the Royal Court.”

Electoral Management Bodies

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Name of EMB Number of EMB members Term of office EMB members selected by Chair appointed/elected by Party or expert based membership
The Presiding Officer/The Registrar-General of Electors/Returning Officers For election period only Other: see comments Not applicable Expert
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