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Fiji, Constitution 2013, accessed 18 February 2022

75.—(1) The Electoral Commission established under the State Services Decree 2009 continues in existence.

(2) The Commission has the responsibility for the registration of voters and the conduct of free and fair elections in accordance with the written law governing elections and any other relevant law, and in particular for—

(a) the registration of citizens as voters, and the regular revision of the Register of Voters;

(b) voter education;

(c) the registration of candidates for election;

(d) the settlement of electoral disputes, including disputes relating to or arising from nominations, but excluding election petitions and disputes subsequent to the declaration of election results; and

(e) monitoring and enforcing compliance with any written law governing elections and political parties. [...]

(6) The Commission consists of a chairperson who is or is qualified to be a Judge, and 6 other members.

(7) The chairperson and the members of the Commission shall be appointed by the President, on the advice of the Constitutional Offices Commission.

Fiji, Electoral Act 2014, accessed 18 February 2022

4.—(1) In the performance of its functions and exercise of its powers, the Electoral Commission is not subject to the direction or control of any person or authority, provided however, the Electoral Commission shall be subject to any decision of a court of law exercising jurisdiction in relation to a question as to whether the Electoral Commission performed its functions or exercised its powers in accordance with the Constitution and the law or whether the Electoral Commission should or should not perform its functions or exercise its powers.

Electoral Management Bodies

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Name of EMB Number of EMB members Term of office EMB members selected by Chair appointed/elected by Party or expert based membership
Electoral Commission 7 3 years President, on the advice of the Constitutional Offices Commission President, on the advice of the Constitutional Offices Commission Expert
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