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Cameroon, Electoral Code (2012), accessed 10 February 2020

SECTION 4.- (1) “Elections Cameroon” shall be an independent body responsible for the organization, management and supervision of all election and referendum operations.

(2) Elections Cameroon shall perform its duties in keeping with the Constitution and laws and regulations in force.

(3) Elections Cameroon shall have legal personality and management autonomy.

(4) The Head Office of Elections Cameroon shall be in Yaounde.

SECTION 5.- (1) Members of Elections Cameroon shall refrain from any act that may undermine the independence and dignity of their duties. They shall specifically, during their tenure of office, refrain from using their status for purposes other than those relating to their mandate.

(2) Members of Elections Cameroon shall, under no circumstances, seek or receive instructions or orders from a public or private authority, be it national or foreign, during the performance of their duties.

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