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Model of electoral management



Burundi, Constitution 2018, accessed 8 May 2020

ARTICLE 89. Elections are organized in an impartial manner at the levels of the nation, commune, colline, and district, along with other levels determined by law.

ARTICLE 90. An Independent National Electoral Commission guarantees freedom, impartiality, and independence in the electoral process.

Burundi, Decree no. 100/0125 of 27 August 2018 on the Organization and Operation of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) [in French], accessed 8 May 2020

Burundi, CENI, Organisation, missions et fonctionnement de la CENI, accessed 8 May 2020

Electoral Management Bodies

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Name of EMB Number of EMB members Term of office EMB members selected by Chair appointed/elected by Party or expert based membership
Independent National Electoral Commission (Commission Électorale Nationale Indépendant (CENI)) 7 5 years President (after approval by National Assembly and Senate) Not specified Expert
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