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Bermuda, Parliamentary Election Act 1978 (No 1978:23) (last amended 27 July 2020), accessed 1 October 2020

Section 6: (1) The Governor shall appoint a Parliamentary Registrar (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Registrar’) for the purposes of this Act, and may appoint such number of registration officers as are from time to time required to enable the Registrar to carry out his functions under this Part.

(2) The Registrar shall be a public officer and every registration officer shall be deemed to be such an officer in carrying out his functions under this Act. […]

(5) Subject to this Act, the Registrar shall exercise general supervision and control over the conduct of Returning Officers in and about the conduct of elections.

Electoral Management Bodies

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Name of EMB Number of EMB members Term of office EMB members selected by Chair appointed/elected by Party or expert based membership
Parliamentary Registrar 1 Not specified Governor Not applicable Expert
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