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Singapore, Elections Department of Singapore (ELD), accessed 17 September 2023

“The Elections Department of Singapore (ELD) is a department under the Prime Minister's Office. It has the responsibility of preparing for and managing the conduct of Presidential and Parliamentary elections and any national referendum in Singapore. The Department has under its purview the Registry of Political Donations (RPD). The RPD administers the Political Donations Act, the objective of which is to prevent foreign interference in the domestic politics of Singapore through funding.

ELD's work extends beyond the period of elections. Between elections, ELD must ensure that the Registers of Electors are up to date, so as to be ready for any election called at any time. Its other responsibilities include:

Training of election officials

Maintaining and updating the Registers of Electors

Planning for election manpower, premises, logistical and other related requirements for the conduct of elections

Informing the public about the electoral system and voting processes

Ensuring all electors have access to the electoral system and voting processes

Administering the Political Donations Act and campaign spending rules

Providing secretariat support to any appointed committee responsible for recommending changes to electoral boundaries and election committees such as the Presidential Elections Committee and Community Committee.”

Electoral Management Bodies

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