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New Zealand, Electoral Act 1993 (reprint as at 1 July 2023), accessed 19 December 2023

Section 4C: The objective of the Electoral Commission is to administer the electoral system impartially, efficiently, effectively, and in a way that—

(a) facilitates participation in parliamentary democracy; and

(b) promotes understanding of the electoral system and associated matters; and

(c) maintains confidence in the administration of the electoral system.

Section 7: The Electoral Commission must act independently in performing its statutory functions and duties, and exercising its statutory powers, under—
(a) this Act; and
(b) any other enactment that expressly provides for the functions, duties, or powers of the Electoral Commission (other than the Crown Entities Act 2004).

Electoral Management Bodies

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Name of EMB Number of EMB members Term of office EMB members selected by Chair appointed/elected by Party or expert based membership
Electoral Commission 3 5 years Governor-General, on recommendation by parliament Governor-General, on recommendation by parliament Expert
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