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Jamaica, Electoral Commission (Interim) Act 2006, accessed 27 September 2020

Section 4: (1) There shall be established for the purposes of this Act, and during the continuance in force of this Act, a commission of Parliament which shall be known as the Electoral Commission of Jamaica.

Section 5: The objects of the Commission shall be to safeguard the democratic foundations of Jamaica by enabling eligible electors to elect, through free and fair elections, their representatives to govern Jamaica.

Section 7.1: There shall be a Director of Elections (hereinafter referred to as the Director) who shall be appointed by the Governor-General in accordance with paragraph 1 of the First Schedule.

Section 7.2: The Director shall receive such emoluments and may be subject to such other terms and conditions of service as may from time to time be prescribed by or under any law or by affirmative resolution of the House of Representatives.

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