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Model of electoral management



Iceland, Parliamentary Elections to the Althing, Act No. 24/2000 (last amended 17 April 2020), accessed 3 August 2021

Art. 11. There shall be three types of electoral commission for general elections:

a. The National Electoral Commission.

b. Senior electoral commissions [and regional electoral commissions (see the third paragraph of Article 13).]

c. Local electoral commissions and other municipal electoral commissions (see the second paragraph of Article 15).

OSCE/ODIHR, Presidential Election, 27 June 2020, ODIHR Needs Assessment Mission Report, accessed 29 June 2020

“The responsibilities for the organization of presidential election are shared between several institutions, including the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Supreme Court, 6 Senior Election Commissions (SECs) and 72 Local Election Commissions (LECs). Each LEC coordinates the work of a number of polling stations in their respective municipalities. The MFA co-ordinates out-of-country early voting in some 240 Icelandic embassies and consulates.”

Electoral Management Bodies

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Name of EMB Number of EMB members Term of office EMB members selected by Chair appointed/elected by Party or expert based membership
Ministry of Justice Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
National Election Commission (NEC) 5 4 years Legislature EMB Expert
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