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The National Election Office is an autonomous government agency, while the National Election Commission is an independent body. 



Hungary, Act XXXVI of 2013 on election procedure [as in force on 20 November 2021], accessed 10 April 2022

Section 14. (1) Election commissions shall be independent bodies serving voters that are subordinated only to the law; their primary task shall be to establish the result of the election, to ensure the fairness and lawfulness of elections, to ensure impartiality and, if necessary, to restore the lawful order of election.

(2) Election commissions shall be the following:

a) National Election Commission,

b) regional election commission,

c) parliamentary single-member constituency election commission,

d) local election commission,

e) polling station commission. […]

(4) The National Election Commission shall consist of at least seven members; […]

Section 53. (1) The National Election Office shall be an autonomous state administration organ.

(2) The National Election Office shall be independent and only subordinated to the law; it shall not be instructed in relation to its functions; and shall perform its responsibilities independently of other organs and of undue influence. The tasks of the National Election Office may only be determined in an Act or in a law adopted on the basis of an authorization by an Act.

Section 55 (1) The National Election Office shall be led by a president. The president of the National Election Office shall be appointed by the President of the Republic, on a proposal from the Prime Minister, from among Hungarian citizens with higher education degree who have the right to stand as candidates at the election of the Members of the National Assembly. […]

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