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2014 In Turkey, overseas voting was made possible for the first time in 1987 through an amendment of the electoral law (Law No. 298, 26/4/1961) but voters could only vote at the polling stations set up at the borders. This did not satisfy the definition of voting from abroad as those residing abroad had to travel to Turkey to cast their votes. The Amendment (no. 4121) to Article 67 of the Constitution in 1995 gave the external voting right a constitutional basis. However, still in the four general elections between 1995 and 2007, voting at the border remained the only method. The 2008 amendment to electoral law eventually enabled overseas voters to vote in general elections, the election of the president and referenda in Turkey. Due to some challenges, the external voting was not practically realized until the Presidential elections which took place on 10 August 2014. (Source: “Turkey: Voting from abroad in 2015 general elections”, See full text in the Sources.)

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