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1975 The year 1997 marks a major change in the process of external voting in Portugal. The constitution was amended to allow Portuguese citizens resident abroad to vote in presidential elections and national referendums. 2001 marks the first year of external voting allowed for Presidential elections. Data has been updated in January 2022 based on the latest amendments made to relevant legislation providing for external voting.
  • Legislative
  • European Parliamentary elections
Postal 1975 "Following Portugal’s entry into the European Community in 1986, external voting rights were granted for Portuguese citizens abroad to vote for the national lists for the European Parliament elections." (Voting from Abroad: The International IDEA Handbook: pages 83-85)
1974 Legislative Postal 1975 Portugal has held free elections since the fall of the dictatorship in 1974, and since that time the voting rights of Portuguese citizens living abroad have been substantially expanded. More information can be found in the sources sections of relevant data points.

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