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Personal 2009 Electoral Code of 2006 contains provisions only for registration of voters residing abroad, but it does not provide clear regulations for voting from abroad. Later amendments to the Electoral Code, especially the version of 2011 that is available online, contains very clear provisions in regards to voting from abroad. A paper by Ana Mijovska (see sources) states that the 2008 amendment to the Electoral Code allowed external voting for the first time. The copy of this amendment cannot be found online. However, the Venice Commission's opinion on the Election Code of 2008 clearly states that "as of 1 September 2009, when the new provisions in the Code will enter into force, voters who are temporarily abroad will be able to register to vote in Diplomatic Consular Offices". Later amendments to the Code up until 2020 did not introduce any major changes to overseas voting practices. Data has been updated in June 2020.
2006 No external voting No external voting Not applicable Based on the research conducted for the publication of the Voting from Abroad: The International IDEA Handbook 2007.

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