Model of electoral management




Azerbaijan, Election Code 2020 [unofficial translation], accessed 10 February 2020

17.3. Under the authority established by this Code, the election (referendum) commissions shall not depend on state bodies, municipal institutions, political parties, non-governmental or other public organizations, or other legal entities and physical persons with regard to the preparation and holding elections (referendums). Such entities and their officials are not allowed to intervene in the activity of election (referendum) commissions. Persons intervening in or influencing the work of election (referendum) commissions shall bear administrative or criminal liability, in accordance with the Criminal Code or the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

18.1. The system of election (referendum) commissions in the Republic of Azerbaijan shall include the following commissions:

18.1.1. The Central Election (Referendum) Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter the Central Election Commission); [...]

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