Model of electoral management

Tanzania, United Republic of

Tanzania, United Republic of


Tanzania, Constitution 1977 (rev. 2005), accessed 23 October 2020

74.-(1) There shall be an Electoral Commission of the United Republic which shall consist of the following members to be appointed by the President: [...]

(7) For the better carrying out of its functions, the Electoral Commission shall be an autonomous department, and its chief executive shall be the Director of Elections, who shall be appointed and shall discharge duties in accordance with a law enacted by Parliament. [...]

(11) In discharging its functions in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, the Electoral Commission shall not be obliged to comply with orders or directions of any person or any government department or the views of any political party. (12) No court shall have power to inquire into anything done by the Electoral Commission in the discharge of its functions in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.

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