Model of electoral management




Austria, Federal Law on National Council Elections (Regulations on National Council Elections 1992 – NRWO), last amended in 2022, accessed 16 October 2022

§12. (1) Für das ganze Bundesgebiet wird am Sitz des Bundesministeriums für Inneres die Bundeswahlbehörde eingesetzt.

(2) Sie besteht aus dem Bundesminister für Inneres als Vorsitzendem und Bundeswahlleiter und siebzehn Beisitzern, darunter zwei Richter des Dienst- oder Ruhestandes. […]

EMB Website: "Austria has a top central election authority which is called “Bundeswahlbehörde” (Federal Electoral Board). The Federal Electoral Board is an independent authority comprised of the Federal Minister of the Interior as chairperson and 17 "Beisitzer“ (assessors). Two assessors are drawn from the judiciary; the additional 15 assessors are nominated by the parties represented in the National Council. The Federal Electoral Board is completely independent of the government."

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