Model of electoral management




Ireland, Early Parliamentary Elections, 8 February 2020, ODIHR Needs Assessment Mission Report, accessed 1 May 2020

“The system of election administration remains decentralized. Co-ordination role is vested with the Franchise Section of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (Franchise Section). The department also issues guidelines, training materials and legislative advice, though does not provide formal oversight. Election day is set by the order of the Minister for Housing, Planning, and Local Government. The Clerk of the Dáil issues a letter to the 19 returning officers (RO) instructing them to hold elections. ROs are primarily responsible for the conduct of elections in the 39 constituencies, including registration of candidates, printing of ballots as well as hiring and training of the polling and counting staff.”


Department Housing, Planning, and Local Government is responsible for the various legislative codes dealing with the registration of electors and the conduct of elections and referendums. This involves an ongoing review of electoral law, review of constituencies and local electoral areas, the provision of information and advice to registration authorities, returning officers and the general public together with the publication of election results.

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