Model of electoral management

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Iran, Islamic Republic of


Iran, Electoral Act of Islamic Consultative Assembly, 1999; accessed 22 June 2021

Article 3. The Guardian Council has the responsibility for monitoring the elections of the Islamic Consultative Parliament. Monitoring has two forms: 1) estesvaabi [proactive supervision: meaning that in addition to observation, the monitoring includes the right to make legally binding interventions], and 2) general monitoring. This monitoring occurs during all stages and regarding all affairs of an on-going election.

Article 5. Officials from the Interior Ministry, provincial governor’s office [Ostandari], and county governor’s office [Farmandari], and district governor’s office [Bakhshdari], will represent the Interior Minister, provincial governor, county governor, and district governor, respectively, in implementing this law.

Article 25. The Interior Ministry is the responsible authority for implementing the Majles Election Law and is responsible for the integrity of the elections. For this purpose, the Interior Ministry can dispatch officials for inspecting and controlling the elections process at the electoral districts or the voting and registration branches.

Clause 1. No institution or apparatus other than the Interior Ministry and the Guardian Council (under the auspices of implementing the elections law or supervision) is allowed to intervene in election affairs or dispatch officials or inspectors.

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