Model of electoral management

Moldova, Republic of

Moldova, Republic of


Republic of Moldova, Electoral Code (No. 1381-XIII of 21.11.1997, last amended by Law No. 162 of 20.07.2020), [unofficial translation], accessed 14 July 2021

Article 16. Establishment of Central Electoral Commission

(1) The Central Electoral Commission consists of nine members: one member is appointed by the President of Republic of Moldova, the other 8 members – by the Parliament, having complied with proportional representation of the majority and of the opposition. The Commission nominal composition shall be approved by a Parliament Decision with the majority votes of elected Members of Parliament. […]

(3) The Central Electoral Commission shall be guided in its activity by the Constitution, this Code, the legislation in force and by the Commission Regulation approved by themselves.

(4) The Central Electoral Commission is a legal person, has its own budget, treasury accounts and stamp with the state Coat of Arms.

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