Model of electoral management

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia


Saint Lucia, Constitution, accessed 9 November 2021

37. 1. The Electoral Commission shall be responsible for the registration of voters for the purpose of electing members of the House and for the conduct of elections of members of the House and shall have such powers and other functions relating to such registration and elections as may be prescribed by law.

2. In the discharge of its functions the Electoral Commission shall be assisted by a Chief Elections Officer, whose office shall be a public office, and the Commission may give such directions as it considers necessary or expedient to the Officer, who shall comply with such directions or cause them to be complied with.

3. For the purposes of the exercise of his functions under subsection (2) of this section, the Chief Elections Officer may give such directions as he considers necessary or expedient to any registering officer, presiding officer or returning officer relating to the exercise by that officer of his functions under any law regulating the registration of voters or the conduct of elections, and any officer to whom directions are given under this subsection shall comply with those directions.

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