Model of electoral management




Republic of Croatia, Law on the State Election Commission of the Republic of Croatia [in Croatian] (Official Gazette 44/06 and 19/07), accessed 10 July 2020

Article 1. This Law regulates the establishment of the State Election Commission of the Republic of Croatia (hereinafter: the Commission), the composition of the Commission, the manner of election of the President, Vice-Presidents and members of the Commission, the scope, manner of work and decision-making, relations with citizens, bodies and institutions in the Republic of Croatia, cooperation with international organizations and institutions, and other matters of importance for the conduct of tasks within the scope of the Commission.

Article 2. The Commission is a permanent and independent state body that performs tasks within its scope in accordance with this Law and the laws governing the election of representatives to the Croatian Parliament, the election of the President of the Republic of Croatia, the election of members of representative bodies of local and regional self-government units, the election of municipal mayors. mayor, mayor and mayor of the City of Zagreb, election of council members and representatives of national minorities in units of local and regional self-government and implementation of a state, local and advisory referendum.
The headquarters of the Commission shall be in Zagreb.

See also: EMB website (accessed on 10 July 2020)

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