Model of electoral management




Constitution of The Arab Republic of Egypt (2014), accessed 6 January 2024

Article 208: Mandate

The National Elections Commission is exclusively responsible for managing referenda and presidential, parliamentary and local elections, which includes the preparation and update of a database of voters, proposal and division of constituencies, setting regulations for and overseeing electoral campaigns, funding, electoral expenditure declaration thereof, and managing the procedures for out-of-country voting by expatriate Egyptians, and other procedures, up to the announcements of results.

The foregoing is regulated by law

Law No. 198 for the year 2017 on the National Election Authority, accessed 6 January 2024

Article (2): The National Election Authority is an independent authority with a legal personality and is technically, financially and administratively independent, and will be headquartered in the governorate of Cairo. When necessary, it may hold its meetings in any place it deems suitable. Based on a decision by the President and after the approval of the Board, it may establish local branches.

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