Electoral system for national legislature



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Angola Constitution (2010)

Article 144. Constituencies

144.1 Members shall be elected by constituencies, there being one national constituency and constituencies corresponding to each of the provinces.

144.2 The following criteria shall be established for the election of Members by constituency:

  1. One hundred and thirty Members shall be elected at national level, and for this purpose the country shall be considered a single national constituency;
  2. Five Members shall be elected for each province and provincial electoral constituencies shall be created for this purpose.

Angola Law No. 36/11 of 21 December 2011 regulating General Elections

Article 27. Proportional Representation System

27.1 Members of the National Assembly shall be elected according to the system of proportional representation, obeying the conversion of the votes in mandates, based on the criteria and rules set forth in the following paragraphs.

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Angola elects the 130 members of its National Assembly based on a closed, party-list proportional representation system. Additionally, five members of the National Assembly will be elected per province. In 2017 elections, 90 members have been elected from provincial districts. 

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