Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation?



  • Yes, in politically-binding national elections (elections for public office or direct democracy initiatives)
  • Yes, in politically-binding sub-national elections (e.g. elections for regional legislature or executive office etc.)

Mongolia, Law of the Automated Electoral System, [in Mongolian], accessed 19 June 2020

ODIHR, Needs Assessment Mission Report, Mongolia Parliamentary Elections, 24 June 2020, accessed 11 June 2020

“All polling stations will be equipped with electronic vote-counting equipment for scanning and counting ballots. Results are corroborated through a manual vote count in up to 50 per cent of polling stations, which are randomly selected. In 2019, the General Intelligence Agency and GEC conducted an examination of the counting equipment, which concluded that the machines could be reused in the 2020 parliamentary and local elections.”


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