Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation?



No, e-voting is not used currently

IFES FAQs: Elections in Egypt: 2018 Presidential Election

What are the steps in the voting process in polling stations?

Voters follow the following steps in a polling station:

1. Voter identification: A voter presents his or her national identification card (or a valid passport that includes the national identification number) to the presiding officer for identification purposes.

2. Verifying names in the voter list: The presiding officer will make sure that the name of the voter is listed in the electoral roll assigned to the polling station.

3. Issuing the ballot paper: Once identified, the voter receives an open ballot paper from the presiding officer.

4. Marking the ballot paper: The voter proceeds to one of the polling booths, marks the ballot paper in secrecy, places it in the ballot box and exits the polling booth.

5. Signing on the electoral roll: After casting the vote, each voter has to place his or her signature (or apply a thumbprint) next to his or her name on the electoral roll.

6. Application of indelible ink: After voting, indelible ink is applied on the voter’s finger and he or she exits the polling station immediately.”

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