Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation?



  • Yes, in politically-binding national elections (elections for public office or direct democracy initiatives)
  • Yes, in politically-binding sub-national elections (e.g. elections for regional legislature or executive office etc.)

India, Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Election Commission of India, 'Voting Process at Polling Booth' , accessed 23 May 2019 

Record your vote by pressing the ballot button opposite the symbol of the candidate of your choice on the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM); You will hear a beep sound;
Check the slip that appears in the transparent window of the VVPAT machine. The slip with the Candidate serial No., Name and Symbol shall be visible for 7 seconds before it drops in the sealed VVPAT box;
You can press NOTA, None of the Above, if you don't like any candidate; it's the last button on the EVM.”

India, Election Commission Website, 'IT in Elections'  , accessed 24 May 2019 
Electronically transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS) is developed by Election Commission of India, for the use of the Service Voters. This system enables the entitled service voters to cast their vote using an electronically received postal ballot from anywhere outside their constituency.

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