Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation?



No, e-voting is not used currently


Method of voting

12. The voting at an election shall be conducted in the following manner -

(a) every elector desiring to record his vote shall present himself to the presiding officer at the polling station at which he is entitled to vote and shall identify himself to the presiding officer by such means as shall satisfy the presiding officer and the presiding officer, after satisfying himself that the name and signature of such elector appears on the register of electors and that he has not already voted, shall deliver to him a ballot paper; and

(b) immediately before the presiding officer delivers a ballot paper to an elector -

(i) the number of the elector in the register of electors shall be marked on the counterfoil; and

(ii) a mark shall be placed against the entry of the elector in the register of electors to denote that a ballot paper has been received, but without showing the number of the ballot paper which has been received; and

(c) the presiding officer may, and if required by a candidate or his agent shall, put to any person applying for a ballot paper at the time of his application, but not afterwards, the following questions or any of them in the vernacular -

(i) Are you the person whose name is on the register of electors as follows (reading the entry in the register)?

(ii) Is this your signature (indicating the signature which appears alongside the entry in the register)?

(iii) Have you already voted at the present election at this or any other polling station? and

(d) an elector, on receiving a ballot paper, shall go immediately to the place provided under regulation 9(c) for the marking of votes screened from observation and shall there secretly record his vote by marking a cross on his ballot paper in the delimited space provided for that purpose against the name of such number of candidates as correspond to the number of persons to be elected, and shall then place the ballot paper so marked in the ballot box:

Provided that the elector may if he so wishes mark a cross against the name of a lesser number of candidates than there are persons to be elected; […]

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