Is there a legally mandated filing fee and/or deposit?



Yes, filing fee

The Pyithu Hluttaw Election Law No. 3/2010

 (8thMarch, 2010)


Chapter XV

Decision on Objection ofElection

67.          Ifobjection is desired to be made as regards election, it shall be made by payingthe stipulated fee with the submission of an electoral objection in accord withthe provisions of this Chapter.


68.          (a)Objection to an elected Hluttaw representative may be made, as prescribed, tothe Commission by any challenging Hluttaw candidate or any voter by givingappropriate reasons relating to the election other than the matters which havebeen decided by the Commission under Section 53.


(b) If a Hluttaw candidate, in hisobjection against an elected Hluttaw representative, intends to seek adeclaration that he only has obtained the majority votes and that he should beelected, he is to base his objections on one of the following:


(i)            thereason that only the applicant in fact obtained the maximum valid votes;


(ii)           thereason that only the applicant could obtain the maximum valid votes if thevotes obtained by the elected Hluttaw representative did not include the votesobtained by malpractice.



Not specified when it comes to deposit.
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