Is there a legally mandated filing fee and/or deposit?




The Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on theConstitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 2737 (1995-12-29).



Article22. The Form and Contents of an Appeal of the Constitutional Council


3.The petition must be signed by appropriate individual and in the event that acourt petitions to the Constitutional Council shall be signed by the Chairmanof that court.

4.The following shall be attached to a petition:

1)copy texts of acts to which the individuals of the petition referred to;

2)documents on the powers on the representative, except for the cases whenrepresentation is carried out in accordance with the office;

3)copy of the petition and supplements to it in a number of ten.



The Embassy of theRepublic of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom of England and Northern Irelandofficial web-page, retrieved on 2013-09-23.


ConstitutionalAct of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan”No. 2464, (1995-09- 28)


There is no indication in availablelegislation that there should be a filling fee or deposit...............

No mention of certain receipt or document thatconfirms fee or a deposit payment to be attached to a petition.      

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