Is there a legally mandated filing fee and/or deposit?



Yes, deposit

PARLIAMENT ACT, Principal Act No. 1950-15 Commencement date 21.7.1950 with Amending enactments (up till 28.6.2007).


Security for costs. 56.(1) At the time of presenting an electionpetition or within three days thereafter, the petitioner shall give securityfor all costs, charges and expenses which may become payable by him to anywitness summoned on his behalf, or to any respondent.

(2) The security shall be to such amount, notexceeding ?100, as the Chief Justice may direct and shall be giveneither by a deposit of money into court or by recognizance entered into beforethe Registrar of the Supreme Court by not more than four sureties, or partly inone way and partly in the other.

(3) If no security is sogiven no further proceedings shall be had on the petition.

Application of English law.

54.(1) Every electionpetition shall be heard by the court and, subject to the provisions of this Actand any rules of court made under the powers conferred by this section, everyelection petition shall, as nearly as circumstances admit, be presented, heardand determined according to the law for the time being in force in England withrespect to election petitions.

(2) Rules for theregulation of the practice, procedure and costs of election petitions and thetrial thereof may be made in the like manner as rules made under and for thepurpose of the Supreme Court Act.


Government of Gibraltar, Laws of Gibraltar Online Service, as retrieved on2013-09-10.


SUPREMECOURT ACT Principal Act No. 1960-02 Commencement 1.9. 1960 with Amendingenactments (up till 22.11.2012).


Fees to be taken in the Supreme Court.

36A. Without prejudice to the provisions ofsections 37 and 38, the Chief Justice has, and is deemed always to have had,the power by rules to prescribe, vary or abolish the fees to be taken in theSupreme Court.


Government of Gibraltar, Laws of Gibraltar Online Service,  asretrieved on 2013-09-10.

No to filing fee.

According to SupremeCourt Act Chief Justice has the power to prescribe fees to be taken in theSupreme Court.

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