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AW on Election of Members ofthe National Assembly (LEMNA) and Amendments of Law on Election of Members ofthe National Assembly

Art. 109-(new)

The Commune/Sangkat ElectionCommissions shall collect the minute and other documents from all Polling Station Commission and make a report of consolidation of the electionresults in their commune/sangkat. This report of consolidation shall be made infour (4) copies, one (1) of which shall be sent to the National ElectionCommittee, one (1) copy to be sent to the concerned Provincial/ MunicipalElection Commission, one (1) copy to be posted at the Commune/Sangkat ElectionCommission’s office and the last one to be kept for filing. If there arecomplaints against the election results or irregularities at any pollingstation, the Commune/ Sangkat Election Commission shall immediately hold adecision-making meeting open to public to solve those complaints.

In case, a complainant is notsatisfied with the Commune/Sangkat

Commission’s decision, he/sheor his/her representative has the right to appeal to the Provincial/MunicipalElection Commission immediately.

Art. 111 (new)

If there is contestedcomplaint against the result of the election or against serious irregularity, theProvincial/Municipal Electoral Commission shall immediately hold a hearing opento public to decide on such complaint and shall send its decision with theattachment of the report of the consolidated results of the election to theNational Election Committee. If the complainant is not satisfied with thedecision of the Provincial/Municipal Electoral Commission, he/she orrepresentative shall file a contested complaint immediately to the NationalElection Committee. The National Election Committee shall examine and decidewhether to accept the election result as valid or to organize a re-election.The re-election shall be organized within eight (8) days, after this decision[of the NEC].


Art. 114

After the announcement of theprovisional results of the Election, , all political party registered for runningin the Election may file a complaint against all or part of the electionresults within seventy two (72) hours to the National Election Committee ordirectly to the Constitutional Council by indicating irregularities caused bythe Commissions or Members of the Commissions, the date and the place whereirregularitieshave taken place, the names and addresses of witnesses, including otherdocuments or evidences.


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