Is there a legally mandated filing fee and/or deposit?



  • Yes, filing fee
  • Yes, deposit

Election Offences AndControversies Rules, (1959)


3. Fees of Court

 The fees prescribed in Appendix A to these rules shall bereceived and taken by the Registrar in respect of proceedings mentioned therein


Fees Of Court in Proceedings Under the Election Controversies Act

1. On presenting a General Assembly petition . . .. . . 10.00 $

16. Recognizancefor security for costs

(1)Recognizance for security for costs shall be in the form in the  Appendix B with such variations ascircumstances may require.

(2) Exceptwhere the Registrar otherwise directs, sureties to  a recognizance shall justify.

17. Security byway of deposit

A deposit ofmoney by way of security shall be made by security by lodging the same with theRegistrar, who shall deposit the same to the account of the Registrar of theSupreme Court pending the final determination of the petition. Payment thereout shall be made on the direction of a Judge.

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