Is there a legally mandated filing fee and/or deposit?

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Yes, deposit

Parliamentary Elect,i ons Act, No.1 of1981 03


Parliamentary Election Petition Rules, 1981

11. (1) At the time of thepresentation of the petition or within three days afterwards, initialsecurity in the sum of twenty thousand rupees shall be given on behalf of thepetitioner for the payment of all costs, charges and expenses that maybecome payable by the petitioner.

(2) The Court may, at any timeduring the hearing of 8l) election petition, determine the number of chargesconstituting each distinct ground on which the petiti'oner relies and order thepetitioner to give additional security calculated at the rate of five thousandrupees for each such charge for the payment of an ('osts, charges and expensesthat may become payable by the petitioner. The security determined underthis paragraph shall be payable on behalf of the petitioner within seven daysfrom such determination.

(3) The security referred toIn paragraph (1) Or (2) shall be given by a deposit of money.



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