Is there a legally mandated filing fee and/or deposit?



  • Yes, filing fee
  • Yes, deposit

Bermuda Statutory Instrument GN 470/1985, Rules of the Supreme Court1985


“(1)Where, on the application of a defendant to an action or other proceedings inthe Court, it appears to the Court:

(a)that the plaintiff is ordinarily resident out of the jurisdiction, or

(b)that the plaintiff (not being a plaintiff who is suing in a representativecapacity) is a nominal plaintiff who is suing for the benefit of some otherperson and that there is reason to believe that he will be unable to pay the costsof the defendant if ordered to do so, or

(c)subject to paragraph (2), that the plaintiff's address is not stated in thewrit or other originating process or is incorrectly stated therein, or

(d)that the plaintiff has changed his address during the course of the proceedingswith a view to evading the  consequencesof the litigation,  then if, havingregard to all the circumstances of the case, the Court thinks it just to do so,it may order the plaintiff to give such security for the defendant's costs ofthe action or other proceedings as it thinks just.”


“Wherean order is made requiring any party to give security for costs, security shallbe given in such manner, at such time, and on such terms (if any), as the Courtmay direct.”


“If the Court in theexercise of its discretion sees fit to make any order as to the costs of anyproceedings, the Court shall order the costs to follow the event, except whenit appears to the Court that in the circumstances of the case some other ordershould be made as to the whole or any part of the costs.”

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