Is there a legally mandated filing fee and/or deposit?



Yes, deposit

ELECTIONS ACT (1952-01-30) ( Revised Edition, as at 1January 2008)



Presentation of election petition and security for costs

53. (1) The following provisions shall apply with respect to the presentation ofan election petition—

(a) the petition shall be presented within 21 days after the return made bythe returning officer of the member to whose election the petition relates,unless it questions the return or election upon an allegation of corruptpractices and specifically alleges a payment of money or other reward to havebeen made by any member, or on his account, or with his privity, since the timeof such return, in pursuance or in furtherance of such corrupt practices, inwhich case the petition may be presented at any time within 28 days after thedate of such payment;

(b) at the time of the presen tation of the petition, or within three daysafterwards, security for the payment of all costs, charges and expenses thatmay become payable by the petitioner—

(i) to anyperson summoned as a witness on his behalf; or

(ii) to themember whose election or return is complained of, or to any other person namedas a respondent in the petition,

shall be givenon behalf of the petitioner;

(c) the security shallbe to an amount of $1,200 and shall be given by recognizance to beentered into by any number of sureties not exceeding four approved by theRegistrar of the High Court, or by deposit of money in the Supreme Court, orpartly in one way and partly in the other.

(2) Rules, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, as to thedeposit of security and the practice and procedure for the service and hearingof election petitions and matters incidental thereto may be made by the ChiefJustice.

Government of Montserrat, Attorney General’sChambers, retrieved on 2013-12-14.
No to filing fee.
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