Is there a legally mandated filing fee and/or deposit?



Yes, deposit

Contested Parliamentary ElectionCases

Article (111): Any person with vested interest in the electoral process shallhave the right to contest the results of parliamentary elections. Contestsshall be submitted to the Supreme Court within (72) hours following thedeclaration of results appertaining to any given constituency. Each contestshall be based on reasons and shall be confined to election and vote-countingprocedures. Eachcontestant shall be required to deposit with the Court the total sum of YR50,000 as a guarantee to be refunded in full if contest is sustained by Court.The same amount however shall be forfeited and credited to the State Treasuryif the contest is overturned by Court. 


Article (139): Subject to the provisions of this Law, allpetitions, appeals and protests lodged by contestants shall be exempt from all State and judicialtaxes, stamps and duties. 

Source: General elections and referenda Law Number 13 of 2011,
No to filing fee.
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