Is there a legally mandated filing fee and/or deposit?




Electoral Law of 11November 2009 on the election of the President of the Republic and the People'sNational Assembly / Lei Eleitoral de 11 de Novembro 2009 para Presidente daRepública e Assembleia Nacional Popular


Art. 174 (b) &175: Any documents intended to instruct any complaints or appeals prescribed bylaw are exempt from any taxes, fees, stamp and court fees, as applicable.

(“Documentosdestinados a instru?rem quaisquer reclama??es ou recursos previstos na lei (…)s?o isentos de quaisquer taxas, emolumentos, impostos de selos e de justi?a,conforme os casos...”)



“The electoral lawestablishes an election complaints mechanism with a dual component: Anadministrative mechanism through the National Election Commission whichoperates at every level of the election administration. The Supreme Court ofJustice, specifically its electoral section, to which complaints and appealsagainst CNE decisions shall be submitted. Complaints about voting, counting andtabulations of results should, in first instance, be addressed to the CNE.” (EU EOM Final Report on the 2009Presidential Election in GuineaBissau, p. 40:

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