48. Do political parties have to report on their election campaign finances?

Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands


Some stakeholders with whom we spoke suggested that RMI should adopt election funding and disclosure laws, including limits on permissible campaign spending, to prevent financial imbalances and improprieties creating unfair advantage for certain candidates. Such laws exist in many jurisdictions and, provided they are able to be adequately enforced, can contribute a valuable safeguard to the equity and integrity of election campaigns. While the potential effectiveness of such provisions in RMI would need to be carefully considered, this may be an issue worthy of consideration in any review of RMI’s electoral laws.

Source: Pacific Islands Forum Election Observer Team, Report of the Pacific Islands Forum Election Observer Team to the Republic of the Marshall Islands’ Nitijela (Parliamentary) Elections, 19 November 2007, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Suva, March 2008



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