47. Do political parties have to report regularly on their finances?




"(1) Political parties and movements are obligated to present their annual financial reports featuring the following information to the Chamber of Deputies by 1 April of each year:

(a) annual accounting statements in accordance with the Act on Accounting, 

(b) auditor’s report on annual financial statement with no reservations,

(c) an overview of the total revenue broken down by Article 17 (8), to which the Parties and the Movement shall attach: 1) a list of companies or cooperatives in which a party or movement has a stake, indicating the amount of such share; 2) an overview of loans, borrowings and other debts, indicating the amount and conditions thereof, including maturity, the name, surname and date of birth of natural person donating these funds, or in case of a legal person, the name of his company and registration number, if applicable.

(d) an overview of wage costs by the party or movement of paid persons, indicating the number of such persons and the type of work performed,

(e) an overview of total expenditure on taxes, fees and other similar cash benefits,

(f) election expenditures broken down by type of election to which the Party and Movement participated in the given calendar year,

(g) an overview of all gifts and donations, indicating the amount of monetary donations and the usual price of non-monetary gifts, the name, surname and date of birth of the donor; if the donor is a legal person, shall specify its company name and the identification number,

(h) a summary of other gratuitous services provided to the party of movement, if their usual price exceeds the amount of CZK 50,000, with the name, surname and date of birth; if the provider is a legal person, his company name and identification number,

(i) an overview of the value of the property acquired by inheritance or by reference; if the value of the acquired property exceeds 50000 CZK, the name, surname, date of birth and date of death and the municipality of the last place of residence of the deceased,

j) an overview of members whose annual membership fee is more than 50000 CZK, including the amount paid by each such member and his/her first name, surname, date of birth and place of residence,

(k) the name and adress of the political institute of which the party or movement is the founder or member and the expenses incurred in support of its activities at least in the amount of the contribution to the activity of the political institute."

Source: Article 19(1), Act No. 424/1991_The Law on Association in Political Parties and Political Movements, 1991

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