39. Are there limits on the amount a political party can spend?

San Marino

San Marino


A spending limit for each list is in place, which should not exceed the public funds given to the largest group in parliament, some EUR 630,000 for these elections.
Source: OSCE/ODIHR (2016), Republic of San Marino, Early Parliamentary Elections, 20 November 2016, OSCE/ODIHR Needs Assessment Mission Report, OSCE/ODIHR, Warsaw

Each list participating in elections is subject to a limit of expenses which should not exceed 100% of the contribution given to the largest group in Parliament (Article 20(1), Electoral Law). For example, in the latest elections, such a threshold totalled around 600 000 €.
Source: GRECO (2016), Third Evaluation Round, Evaluation Report on San Marino, Transparency of Party Funding, (Theme II), GRECO, Strasbourg



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