39. Are there limits on the amount a political party can spend?




"A party is entitled to spend up to 10,000,000 MMK (ten million kyat) per candidate. However, the total campaign expenses of a candidate (including support received by the political party who has nominated the candidate + candidate’s own funds + donations) cannot exceed 10,000,000 MMK (ten million kyat)."

Source: International IDEA, The Republic of Union of Myanmar 2015 General Election: Campaign Finance for Candidates and Parties Frequently Asked Questions, p. 17 

"A party may spend 10,000,000 MMK (ten million kyat) for campaign expenditures per candidate that contests a seat in general elections or by-elections. Such campaign expenditures can be derived from money legally gained by respective candidates or from party funds legally obtained."

Source: Democracy Reporting International, Manual on the Legal Framework for Elections in Myanmar, p. 14


Per a candidate

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