28. Are there provisions for direct public funding to political parties?



Yes, both regularly and in relation to campaigns

Article 5 of the Political Parties Act

Parliamentary Elections, 8 April 2018 ODIHR Limited Election Observation Mission Final Report



Political parties are entitled to direct funding from the State budget on certain conditions, contained in the Party Act :

a) 25 per cent of the total state support allocated to political parties is to be divided equally between the parties that have obtained mandates from the national list;

b) 75 per cent is to be provided to all parties participating in the parliamentary election, in proportion to the votes cast in favour of them, provided they have received more than one per cent of the votes cast.

Public campaign funding is also provided and each party with a national list is entitled to between HUF 150 and 600 million, depending on the number of nominated candidates. In addition, each single-member constituency candidate is eligible for approximately HUF 1 million.

(Adjusted for inflation. A candidate in a single-member constituency race receives an average of HUF 12 per registered voter; a party that has a maximum number of candidates would receive some HUF 75 per voter. Minority lists are collectively funded with approximately HUF 300 million.)

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