28. Are there provisions for direct public funding to political parties?



No public funding available

'With regard to subsidies, legally created political parties may receive financial assistance from the State, the amount of which is entered in the budget law and which is made up of two elements: 1. an annual aid fixed in proportion to the number of votes obtained by political parties in the first round of the most recent municipal elections. The coefficient applied corresponds to the ratio of the amount allocated by the budget law to the votes cast at the national level; the results will be multiplied by the number of votes obtained by the party; 2. an additional flat-rate grant of U5.5 million for parties that obtained at least 1% of the votes cast at the national level in the last municipal elections.' Source M’REIZIG Secrétaire général Conseil constitutionnel de Mauritanie in Le financement des partis politiques en Mauritanie 2006


There are mentions but no provisions in law

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