47. Do political parties have to report regularly on their finances? - Ireland

47. Do political parties have to report regularly on their finances?

Political parties and individual candidates receiving a monetary donation exceeding 126.97 EUR must open and maintain a political donations account and furnish a Donation Statement comprising the corresponding annual returns of such account to the Standards Commission every year (political parties by 31 March and elected representatives by 31 January, respectively; unsuccessful candidates must furnish a donation statement within 56 days of polling day). The Donation Statement, is accompanied by a Statutory Declaration stating that the information on the Donation Statement is correct and that all reasonable action has been taken to ensure its accuracy. The Donation Statement/Statutory Declaration must detail all donations over 5,078.95 EUR (for political parties) and 634,87 EUR (for elected representatives and unsuccessful election candidates), including information on their actual value and nature (i.e. cheque, cash or property/goods), as well as the name, address and description of the donor (i.e. whether the donor is an individual, company, etc.). Donation Statements do not include details on debts and assets of political parties/candidates. The Donation Statement/Statutory Declaration must be accompanied by i) a Bank Statement provided by the financial institution in which the bank account was opened and ii) a Certificate of Monetary Donations confirming that all monetary donations received during the year were lodged to the account and that all amounts debited from the account were used for political purposes.

Source: GRECO (2009) Evaluation Report on Ireland, Transparency of Party Funding (Theme II), p.15.