38. Is there a ban on vote buying? - Kenya

38. Is there a ban on vote buying?

The Election Offences Act 2016 states that A person who, during an election period


directly or indirectly offers a bribe to influence a voter to—

(i) vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate or political party;
(ii) attend or participate in or refrain from attending or participating in any political meeting, march, demonstration or other event of a political nature or in some other manner lending support to or for a political party or candidate;

in any manner unlawfully influences the result of an election;


directly or indirectly, in person or by any person on his behalf, in order to induce any other person to agree to be nominated as a candidate or to refrain from becoming a candidate or to withdraw if they have become candidates, commits an offence.



A person who, during an election period, accepts or agrees to accept a bribe that is offered in the circumstances described above commits an offence.


Election Offences Act 2016