38. Is there a ban on vote buying? - Thailand

38. Is there a ban on vote buying?

"Section 53       Neither candidate nor any person shall commit any act to induce a voter to cast a vote for him or her or another candidate or any political party or to abstain from voting for any candidate or political party by the following means:

            (1) providing, giving, offering, promising to give or preparing to give properties or any other benefits which can be calculated in money value to any person;

            (2) giving, offering or promising to give money, properties or any other benefits whether directly or indirectly to a community, association, foundation, temple, education institution, asylum or any other institution;

            (3) campaigning for an election by organizing an entertainment or other fair;

            (4) treating or promising to treat any person;

            (5) cheating, compelling, threatening, using influence to slandering or inducing the misunderstanding in the popularity of any candidate or political party."

Source: Section 53, Organic Act on Election of Members of the House of Representatives and Installation of Senators, 2007