Electoral system for national legislature - Lesotho

Electoral system for national legislature

The Lesotho's MMP system combines the FPTP system with the proportional representation (PR) system. This arrangement provides for a National Assembly of 120 members, where 80 members are elected using FPTP in 80 constituencies and the remaining 40 members come from party lists using PR. The PR component uses closed party lists. For details of seat allocation, see National Assembly Electoral Act, 2011, Schedule 3 – Allocation of Seats [Section 104]. 


National Assembly Electoral Act (2011)

Article 41(1): An application for the nomination of a candidate for elections in a constituency shall be submitted to the returning officer for the constituency concerned by the date stated in the elections timetable for close of nominations. […]

Article 47(1): A political party intending to contest proportional representation elections shall nominate and submit a list of nominated candidate to the Director in the prescribed manner before the date stated in the elections table for close of nominations. […]