Electoral system for national legislature - Vanuatu

Electoral system for national legislature

FPTP is used in the single-member constituencies. In the multi-member constituencies voters still only have one vote, which means that SNTV is used.


Constitution, 1980 (amended 2006)

Article 17: (1) Parliament shall consist of members elected on the basis of universal franchise through an electoral system which includes an element of proportional representation so as to ensure fair representation of different political groups and opinions

Representation of thePeople Act, 1982 (amended 2006)

Schedule 5 (Election Rules), rule 10(2)(b): “ Immediately on receipt of the ballot papers and envelope a voter shall ... (b) record his vote by placing the ballot paper bearing the name and symbol of his chosen candidate in the envelope.”

Schedule 5 (Election Rules), rule 21(2): Subject to subrule (3) the number of candidates counting down from the candidate who obtains the highest number of votes in order of the votes obtained that equals the number of seats allocated to that constituency shall be declared elected.