Electoral system for national legislature - Bulgaria

Electoral system for national legislature
List PR

List PR using open list and largest remainder


2016 Election Code

Article 246

(1) National Representatives shall be elected according to a proportional representation election system from candidate lists of the following registered in multi-member constituencies by:

1. parties and coalitions;

2. nomination committees.

(2) When voting for a candidate list of a party or coalition, the voter may mark one preference for a candidate on the candidate list, thereby expressing the preference thereof regarding the ranking of the candidates on the candidate list for which the voter votes.

Article 297

 (1) The total number of seats for each party and coalition shall be allocated by the Central Election Commission on the basis of the valid votes cast for the said party or coalition within Bulgaria and abroad according to the Hare-Niemeyer Method using a methodology described in Annex 1 hereto.