Electoral system for national legislature - Libya

Electoral system for national legislature

FPTP in single-member districts; SNTV in multi-member districts (120 members elected using both method); and List PR using closed-list and largest remainder method to elect 80 members. 



Law No. (4) of 2012 on the Election of the General National Congress, 2012-01-28

Article 5: Parallel electoral system is adopted, where majority and proportional representation systems are incorporated to elect 200 members of the National Congress, as described in Articles (6) and (7).

Article 6: 120 members are elected for the National Congress by majority, based on First-past-the-post system for single constituency districts, where the winner is the candidate with the most votes. For multi-constituency districts, single non-transferable vote system is adopted. In case of vote equality among two or more candidates, a winner is selected by a draw.

Article 7: 80 members are elected to the National Congress by proportional representation in the closed electoral lists, presented by political entities in multi-seat constituencies.